Saturday, July 20, 2024

UK startup’s progress in bringing space solar power closer to reality


A UK-based startup is making significant advancements towards its goal of delivering gigawatts of clean energy to Earth using massive solar arrays placed in orbit. Space Solar has announced a breakthrough in wireless power transmission technology, a vital step in realizing the ambitious concept of space-based solar power.

The idea of harnessing solar energy in space, where sunlight is virtually uninterrupted, offers immense potential for addressing global energy needs. Unlike terrestrial solar power, it’s not limited by weather conditions, seasons, or time of day. Although this concept has been around for some time, until recently the costs of space launches have been a major obstacle. Fortunately, the advent of reusable rockets and declining launch costs, spearheaded by companies like SpaceX, have revitalized interest in this potential game-changer. With these advancements, the possibility of clean solar power from space is becoming more feasible than ever before.

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