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‘Roku to display ads when pause button is pressed’


Roku’s New Technology to Display Ads When You Press Pause

A recent patent filing by Roku, a popular TV and streaming device maker, has revealed plans for a new technology that would allow the company to show ads on the screen whenever a user presses pause. This move is reminiscent of a dystopian world portrayed in an episode of Black Mirror, where people are bombarded with advertisements in their living spaces.

The patent filed in 2023 by Roku outlines a technology that can insert ads into third-party content through an HDMI connection. This innovative approach to advertising aligns with Roku’s business model, where ads and services play a significant role in generating profits. In 2023 alone, the company reported over .5 billion in gross profit from ads and services.

Roku’s screensaver ads are a key revenue driver, to the extent that third-party developers are prohibited from integrating their own screensavers into Roku apps. The company is constantly looking for ways to capitalize on ad opportunities, including exploring options to display ads even when users switch to external devices like gaming consoles or streaming devices.

The proposed technology would enable Roku to monitor video signals from external devices, such as gaming consoles or streaming boxes, and display relevant ads when content is paused. For example, a user playing a game on a Nintendo Switch could see an ad for a gaming accessory or another title while they take a break from playing.

While it remains to be seen if this technology will be implemented, the potential for increased profits for Roku is evident. As with many patent filings, not all ideas make it to market, but the allure of additional revenue streams may drive Roku to explore this concept further. Overall, the integration of ads into pause screens represents a new frontier in advertising that could soon be a reality for TV and streaming device users.

Source: BGR

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