Monday, July 15, 2024

“Retailer introduces tattoos as new benefit in loyalty program”


PetSmart Extends Helping Hand to Loyalty Members with Regrettable Tattoos

PetSmart has introduced a special limited-time benefit for members of its revamped Treats Rewards loyalty program. The pet supplies and services retailer recently unveiled its upgraded loyalty offering, catering to more than 67 million members.

Starting from April 9th to April 30th, Treats Rewards members with tattoos they regret getting now have the opportunity to replace them with a tattoo of their beloved pet, courtesy of PetSmart. Furthermore, members who already boast a tattoo of their furry friend will automatically receive an upgrade to VIPP status (Very Important Pet Parent), the highest tier in the new loyalty program.

Loyalty members can participate in the tattoo program in three ways until April 30, 2024:

1. Share a photo and story of a regretted tattoo and the pet that will inspire the cover-up tattoo at Winners will receive a consultation with Alium Tattoo Studio and have their travel expenses covered for their session in Los Angeles.
2. Upload a photo of existing pet tattoos on the tattoo redo site to be awarded VIPP status in the Treats Rewards program.
3. Download the PetSmart app for a tattoo-themed photo frame.

Bradley Breuer, VP of loyalty and CRM at PetSmart, expressed the sentiment behind the initiative, stating, “We’re celebrating all the foot – and paw – prints that our pets leave on our hearts and the love and loyalty their parents show them.”

In addition to the tattoo program, the revamped Treats Rewards program introduces new features such as new tiers based on annual spend, personalized perks, special service benefits, and rewards for charitable donations to PetSmart Charities. Members can now enjoy personalized offers, early access to sales, salon reward certificates, savings on services, and the opportunity to earn double Treats Rewards points for charitable contributions.

Joining the free-to-join loyalty program opens up a world of benefits for pet parents looking to celebrate their furry companions in a unique and meaningful way.

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