Friday, July 19, 2024

‘OTTera Forms Strategic Partnership with Personalization Tech Company Spideo’


OTTera, a company based in Los Angeles that specializes in providing tools for businesses to launch customized OTT services, has established a strategic partnership with Spideo, a leading provider of personalization and recommendation technology in the video industry.

Spideo has a proven track record of working with major video platforms such as Sky, Canal+, Altice, and Claro. Their technology focuses on utilizing semantics and natural language to offer insights into AI, ensuring that content recommendations are not only personalized but also explainable and trustworthy.

By teaming up with Spideo, OTTera aims to enhance the discoverability of titles within on-demand catalogs, segment viewers based on their moods, and create clusters of audiences with similar interests. Additionally, the partnership will facilitate the automated creation of relevant channels tailored to specific audience segments.

Thibault Dorso, co-founder and chief revenue officer of Spideo, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it presents a valuable opportunity to showcase Spideo’s ability to add value throughout the content and audience management value chain. Craig McEldowney, CTO and co-founder of OTTera, also emphasized the benefits of the partnership, highlighting the potential to streamline content curation, categorization, and positioning processes for brands, ultimately driving engagement and operational efficiencies.

Overall, the strategic alliance between OTTera and Spideo represents a significant step towards leveraging advanced technology to optimize content discovery and audience engagement within the rapidly evolving OTT landscape.

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