Saturday, July 20, 2024

‘New Zero-Emission Fuel Cell System Installed in Klickitat Valley Health’


Kohler Power Systems, a part of Kohler Energy, has partnered with Toyota Motor North America to create and implement a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system at the Klickitat Valley Health hospital in Goldendale, Washington. This collaboration showcases the potential of zero-emission technology for power generation and represents a significant step for Kohler in providing commercial products to support customers in their decarbonization goals.

By combining Kohler’s energy management expertise with Toyota’s fuel cell technology, the fuel cell power system offers a scalable solution for zero-emission power generation. Known as the “KOHLER Fuel Cell System,” this innovative technology is suitable for various applications, including prime power, peak shaving, and emergency situations. The system can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual installations or entire facility complexes.

Chris Yang, from Toyota, emphasized the versatility of their fuel cell technology beyond transportation, emphasizing the benefits of hydrogen as a clean fuel source. The first installation of the KOHLER Fuel Cell System at Klickitat Valley Health will help the hospital enhance its electrical infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted operations, serving the needs of over 10,000 people in the district.

With Kohler’s expertise in energy systems, a customized controller will monitor and manage the operation of the fuel cell system to maximize performance and protect the technology. Additionally, Kohler will provide system integration and balance of plant services to ensure all components work together safely and efficiently, offering a turnkey solution for customers.

This collaboration between Kohler and Toyota demonstrates the commitment to sustainable power generation and highlights the potential for hydrogen fuel cell technology to address the energy needs of various industries beyond transportation. The partnership aims to advance the adoption of zero-emission solutions and support customers in meeting their environmental and operational goals.

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