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‘Charity Super.Mkt celebrates first anniversary with introduction of concept stores at Brent Cross’


Charity Super.Mkt, the innovative multi-charity department store located at Brent Cross, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the launch of two new concept stores. This exciting return not only marks a successful year but also brings fresh and innovative shopping experiences to London’s fashion-forward and charitable shoppers.

Founded by TRAID and HemingwayDesign, Charity Super.Mkt is a trailblazing retail initiative that focuses on sustainable shopping and charitable giving. By collaborating with various UK charities, the store aims to raise funds for good causes and promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

Since its inception in early 2023 at a former Topshop location, Charity Super.Mkt has grown into one of the UK’s most vibrant retail brands, partnering with leading charities like Shelter, TRAID, Shaw Trust, and Havens Hospices.

The new concept stores introduced by Charity Super.Mkt offer a unique twist on shopping experiences:
1. Charity Super.Mkt Presents The Edit – A store that features a curated collection of second-hand clothing and accessories from prestigious fashion houses, allowing customers to access luxury fashion in a sustainable and affordable way while supporting a good cause.
2. Charity Super.Mkt Presents – An event-based store with a dynamic pricing model where items start at £5 and decrease by £1 daily, culminating in prices as low as £2 on Sundays. This approach encourages strategic shopping and guarantees a fresh experience each week.

In its first year, Charity Super.Mkt has achieved significant milestones, including raising nearly £2 million for over 50 different charities and selling over 40,000 items in just 41 days at its original Brent Cross location. The store also experienced a 7% increase in footfall during its opening weekend, achieving the projected monthly turnover in just four days.

Wayne Hemingway expressed his excitement about the public’s response to the multi-charity retail environment, stating, “Our belief in the potential of this concept was well-founded.” Maria Chenoweth also highlighted the impact of mainstreaming charity retail and broadening its appeal, emphasizing the community and environmental benefits of their initiative.

With its mission to make a positive impact through collective effort in charity retail, Charity Super.Mkt continues to be a beacon of sustainability and giving back in the fashion industry.

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