Wednesday, May 22, 2024

YEYIAN launches SHIFT 3-in-1 RGB gaming mouse and FlexCam 2K webcam


YEYIAN GAMING, a provider of pre-built gaming PCs, peripherals, and components, has launched two new products: the SHIFT 3-in-1 RGB gaming mouse and the FlexCam 2K streaming camera. These products aren’t just designed for gamers, but content creators and influencers too.

The SHIFT 3-in-1 RGB Gaming Mouse features customizable options, allowing users to adjust mouse dynamics by swapping switches. It comes with RGB lighting, a DPI levels indicator, and wireless charging capabilities, all controlled through a customizable app. The FlexCam Streaming Camera offers 2K resolution, surround LED light, a built-in mic, and intelligent remote control. Both products are compatible with various operating systems and platforms and are designed with a modern aesthetic.

The SHIFT Gaming Mouse offers a swappable switch design, RGB lighting, DPI level indicator, and wireless charging. It includes two sets of switches, KAILH GM8.0 and KAILH Silent, for different click feels and sounds. The mouse supports up to 60 hours of gameplay per charge and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

The FlexCam Streaming Camera features 2K resolution, an integrated surround LED light, a built-in ANC mic, and an intelligent remote control. It has a 2-meter distance sensor for the LED light and supports 3D noise cancellation for clear voice capture. The camera is compatible with various operating systems and streaming platforms and comes with a flexible clip for easy mounting.

Both the SHIFT Gaming Mouse and the FlexCam Streaming Camera are available on Amazon immediately — each costs $69.99. The mouse can be purchased here, while the webcam can be had here.

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