Sunday, April 14, 2024

Windows 12 Gaming Edition is the Microsoft operating system gamers need!


Gamers who want to get the most from their rigs will usually have to tweak Windows to disable unwanted resource hogs and boost performance. Although Microsoft does like to promote Windows 11 as the perfect OS for gaming, it isn’t dedicated to that noble pursuit.

Although Windows 12 has yet to be officially announced, a version of that OS just for gaming would be welcomed by the huge number of PC gamers out there, myself included.

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Talented concept creator Addy Visuals, whose past work includes Windows XP 2022 Edition and Windows 7 2022 Edition, most recently put his creative abilities into imagining what Windows 12 could look like, and the end result was stunning.

For his first concept of 2024, Addy returns to Windows 12, this time to show us what a gaming edition of that OS could look like.

The imagined OS features a centered taskbar, like on Windows 11, but with the clear focus on gaming. The Start menu shows pinned games, and all the online games which your friends are currently playing, so you can jump in and join them.

There’s no bloat in Windows 12 Gaming Edition, only the apps you need for playing games, and it comes with a new Game Launcher that makes it easier to launch games you’ve recently played, or which have been freshly updated.

Addy’s dream OS also has a widgets section, and you can drag and drop these onto the desktop. Examples include widgets that display real-time CPU usage, and a game booster, so you can eke even more performance out of your system.

There are Settings for gaming, which include being able to customize RGB-supported devices, and a choice of Focus Modes so you won’t get disturbed in the middle of a game. The gaming edition also allows for easy switching between performance plans.

This version of Windows 12 includes a lot of customization options too, because a gaming OS shouldn’t just be about performance.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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