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Volterrex LED Pro Lantern: 4000 lumens, USB charging, and 4 lighting modes


The Volterrex LED Pro Lantern is a new product designed to brighten up any environment with its versatile lighting options. The lantern features four distinct light settings, including 360° or 180° illumination, a Spotlight configuration for focused beam projection, and a Warning Light mode for emergency signaling. With an impressive output of 4,000 lumens, this portable lantern is a good choice for a range of activities, from home DIY projects to commercial job sites, campsites, and roadside emergencies.

The LED Pro Lantern is not just a source of light; it’s a tool for safety and preparedness. It’s an ideal component of any home storm preparedness kit, providing backup lighting in the event of hurricanes or winter storms. The lantern’s rechargeable battery offers extensive coverage, casting soft and crisp light up to 35 feet away, illuminating an area of up to 3,500 square feet. Its multi-angle handle and integrated tripod adaptor enhance its versatility, allowing for easy carrying and precise positioning.

Nicholas Palumbo, General Manager of Volterrex by ISM Lighting, emphasized the lantern’s industrial-grade standards, stating, “Like our commercial portable balloon light towers, the innovative LED Pro Lantern is designed to meet the industrial grade standards expected by our commercial customers to ensure long-lasting durability whether it is being used on a job site, for recreation, or helping people endure a power outage.”

The lantern also features a USB power output for remote charging of devices, making it a reliable source of power during off-grid situations or power outages. Its weather-resistant design and soft diffused illumination make it a durable and user-friendly lighting solution.

The Volterrex LED Pro Lantern can be had from Amazon here. It is priced at $249.99 and comes with a carrying bag, eye-bolt, and tripod adaptors for easy storage and mounting.

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