Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Users may soon be able to resize windows on Google Keep mobile app’


Google Keep appears to be in the process of introducing a new feature that could revolutionize the way users interact with the popular note-taking app on their mobile devices. The discovery of a work-in-progress feature in the app’s code suggests that Google is exploring the idea of allowing users to resize windows within the app.

This potential update would be particularly beneficial for users of foldable devices and tablets, as it would give them the freedom to adjust the size of the Google Keep window according to their preferences. Currently, the app only offers limited window size options, such as the default size or fullscreen mode. The addition of a resizing feature would bring the mobile app more in line with its desktop counterpart, which already has a workaround extension for this functionality.

The discovery was made by activating a hidden feature flag in the Google Keep app’s code, revealing a new sliding pane layout that enables users to freely adjust the window size. This layout is currently used by the Google Calendar app and could soon be implemented in Google Keep for devices with a display density greater than 600 pixels per inch.

It’s important to note that features uncovered through code teardowns may not always make it to the final release. However, if this resizable window feature does come to fruition, it could greatly enhance the usability and versatility of Google Keep for a wider range of users. Google enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further updates on the potential rollout of this feature and are hopeful for a more customizable note-taking experience in the future.

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