Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Upgrade your Nintendo Switch and say goodbye to Joy-Con drift forever: Pre-order the CRKD Nitro Deck+ now!


CRKD, the company behind the Nitro Deck and the recently announced NEO S, has unveiled its latest offering. Called “Nitro Deck+,” it is an enhanced version of the popular Nitro Deck designed for Nintendo Switch and OLED Switch consoles. The Nitro Deck+ aims to offer Switch gamers a more feature-rich and powerful experience in handheld mode, with zero stick drift and a comfortable design.

The Nitro Deck+ was announced during the IGN FanFest event and is a result of extensive community feedback following the original Nitro Deck’s release. The new model features improved ergonomics, including an adjusted placement of the right thumbstick for more intuitive, symmetrical gameplay. A standout feature of the Nitro Deck+ is its ability to connect directly to a TV without an external dock, using an integrated USB-C output and an included USB-C to HDMI adaptor.

Additionally, the Nitro Deck+ introduces two new “Sidekick” buttons for increased customization options, pre-programmed to replicate the A and B action button commands for faster operation. The device also includes re-mappable back buttons, an easy eject system for the Switch console, an upgraded adjustable rumble system, and Bluetooth connectivity for firmware updates and future customization options through the CRKD App.

The Nitro Deck+ retains all the features that made the original Nitro Deck popular, such as zero stick drift with Hall-Effect sensors, HDMI output for TV play, adjustable trigger sensitivity, low latency response, swappable stick tops, adjustable vibration feedback, gyro compatibility for motion control games, and more.

The Nitro Deck+ is now available for pre-order here in two colors: Clear Black and Clear White, retailing for $69.99 / €79.99 / £69.99. Early pre-orders are expected to begin shipping from late April 2024.

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