Thursday, July 18, 2024

Toyota Leads Global Car Sales, Surpasses Mercedes and BMW


The BMW 5 Series has once again secured the top spot in the world ranking of the best-selling luxury cars in 2023. Despite a 13.6% decrease in sales from the previous year, the BMW 5 Series managed to sell 263,993 units, maintaining its lead for the third consecutive year. This ranking, compiled by Focus2Move based on sales data in 160 countries, includes executive class cars larger than 4.8 meters.

Since its production debut in 1972, the BMW 5 Series has solidified its position as the second best-selling BMW model ever, with over 8 million vehicles sold globally across seven generations.

In a close second place is the Mercedes E Class, with 258,226 units sold, marking a 4.6% decrease from the previous year. The Audi A6 secured the third spot with 256,656 units, showing a significant increase of 38.5% compared to the previous year, making it a contender for the top position in 2024.

Further down the ranking, the Hyundai Grandeur took fourth place with 113,085 units sold, showcasing a remarkable 68.7% growth. The Zeekr 001 followed with 76,357 units sold, a modest increase of 6.1%. The Toyota Crown saw a substantial surge in sales, with 68,534 units sold, representing a remarkable 284% increase. The Skoda Superb rounded out the top seven with 66,767 units sold, showing an 11.9% growth.

The Genesis G80 claimed the eighth spot with 51,781 units sold, experiencing a slight decrease of 4.4%. The Dongfeng Aeolus Hyun and Volvo S90 completed the top ten, with 49,156 units and 48,584 units sold respectively, showing a -30.9% and 6.1% change in sales.

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