Monday, July 22, 2024

‘The Skoda Epiq: Another Electric Crossover with a Bold Name’


Skoda is gearing up to introduce a new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) by 2026, with the Epiq leading the charge as the most affordable option. Set to debut next year with a projected starting price of €25,000 (approximately ,000), the Epiq promises to be a compact and cost-effective EV option for consumers. This new model will showcase Skoda’s fresh “Modern Solid” design language, setting the tone for future models from the brand.

Measuring in at around 4.1 meters in length, the Skoda Epiq will offer a practical and spacious interior thanks to its dedicated EV platform, likely based on the MEB Entry platform developed by the Volkswagen Group. While VW is focusing on hatchbacks with this architecture, Skoda plans to release a crossover model with the Epiq.

Despite its smaller size compared to the Kamiq, the Epiq boasts a generous cargo capacity of 490 liters (17.3 cubic feet), made possible by the optimized packaging of the dedicated EV platform. Skoda has not revealed many technical details yet, but they have mentioned that the battery pack will provide over 249 miles (400 kilometers) of range in WLTP cycle.

The Epiq will feature a front-wheel-drive configuration, in line with the MEB Entry platform specifications, distinguishing it from the rear-wheel-drive setup of the larger Enyaq model. The design of the Epiq will showcase rugged elements like plastic body cladding, unpainted accents, and roof rails, giving it a distinctive and modern look.

In addition to the Epiq, Skoda has plans to unveil the Elroq compact crossover later this year, followed by the next-generation Enyaq and Enyaq Coupe in 2026. An electric Octavia-like wagon and a three-row SUV are also in the works, solidifying Skoda’s commitment to electrification across its lineup.

Overall, the Skoda Epiq represents a significant step towards the brand’s electrification goals, offering a blend of affordability, practicality, and modern design in the EV market. Keep an eye out for more updates on Skoda’s upcoming EV lineup as they continue to make waves in the automotive industry.

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