Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The New York Times adds listen mode and personalization to its news app


The New York Times has just made its News app on iOS and Android a whole lot better with some exciting updates. These changes are all about making the app more personalized and convenient for its readers and subscribers.

First up, there’s the new Listen tab on iOS. This is your go-to spot for all things audio journalism from the Times. Updated daily by their audio team, this tab offers a daily playlist featuring top stories, culture coverage, and fresh ideas. You’ll also find the latest episodes of popular podcasts like “The Headlines” and “The Daily.”

Another cool feature is that you can now listen to articles as soon as they’re published, thanks to an automated voice. Just hit the Play button on supported stories, and the article will be read out loud to you. This means a huge chunk of the Times’ written news is now available in audio form.

Then there’s the new You tab, a personalized space where you can easily find content that matches your interests. If the Today tab is all about the news of the moment, the You tab is your go-to for what you love, complete with suggestions based on your reading habits. Plus, you can access your reading history and saved articles here.

“Our News app serves as a massive entry point to The Times and helps us meet people’s most important news and life needs every single day,” said Alex Hardiman, chief product officer of The New York Times. “We’re incredibly excited for our users to explore these new formats and personalized features, as it reflects our continued dedication to get our journalism to audiences in more creative, accessible and direct ways.”

You can download the updated New York Times News app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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