Sunday, June 23, 2024

Tasha Fuson Recognized as ‘Woman of Distinction’ by Carson City Chamber


The Carson City Chamber of Commerce recently celebrated International Women’s Day by honoring outstanding women in the community. Tasha Fuson, the associate superintendent for educational services in the Carson City School District, was recognized as the “Esteemed Educator” during the “Women of Distinction” meeting held on March 8.

The event highlighted the remarkable achievements of women and their valuable contributions to society. Fuson was among 10 women from various fields, including science, politics, business, and arts, who were recognized for their significant impacts.

Ronni Hannaman, the executive director of the Carson City Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of honoring women to inspire and empower others to pursue their goals without limitations. International Women’s Day aims to promote solidarity among women worldwide and encourage them to support each other towards common goals.

Fuson’s dedication to educational excellence and student success was highlighted in her biography, showcasing her leadership roles and achievements throughout her career in education. The event also recognized other notable women, such as local entrepreneur Elaine Barkdull Spencer, Carson City Supervising District Attorney Kelly Brandon, and community activist Sena Loyd.

The ceremony was hosted by Cliff Sorenson of the Campagni Auto Group and AD 40 Assemblyman PK O’Neill, with former Carson City School Superintendent Mary Pierczynski delivering the keynote address. The event served as a platform to honor women’s accomplishments and inspire future generations to break barriers and make a difference in their respective fields.

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