Sunday, April 14, 2024

SparkyLinux 2024.02 gets many significant improvements, including enhanced file system support


SparkyLinux has just released its latest update to the semi-rolling ISO images derived from the Debian testing line. The update addresses a variety of features and issues, including the resolution of the CLI Installer problem related to the btrfs and xfs file systems. Notably, there is an update to the Sparky Tray to provide quick access to essential system tools, improving the overall user experience.

The 2024.02 update offers a comprehensive upgrade of all packages from the Debian and Sparky testing repositories, ensuring that the software is up to the minute. It also introduces a range of kernel updates, with Linux kernel version 6.6.13 being the primary version, while also making available versions 6.7.4, 6.6.16-LTS, 6.1.77-LTS, and 5.15.148-LTS within Sparky repositories for users seeking different levels of stability and support.

System improvements are further solidified through updates to Grub 2.12 and Pipewire 1.0.3, enhancing the system’s boot process and multimedia handling, respectively. Significant adjustments have been made to the Sparky CLI Installer, particularly to overcome the previous challenges encountered when installing Sparky on btrfs and xfs file systems. The installer now supports these file systems again and introduces an option for creating an additional ~500MB /boot partition, automatically formatted to ext4, to ensure proper booting of Sparky 7 and 8 versions.

Additionally, the installer has been refined to offer an option to avoid setting a separate root password, allowing the use of a single password for both user and root access. It also ensures EFI support by installing required efi debs from Debian servers if they are not found on the live ISO, with the caveat that an internet connection is required during the live session.

The sparkybackup tool has seen updates aimed at improving compatibility and functionality in the creation of backup ISOs. It now supports the creation of EFI-compatible ISOs, even in the absence of grub-efi debs in the user’s directory. Enhancements to the live EFI boot menu include the addition of memtest86+, uEFI firmware setup options, and an updated memtest86+ version for live BIOS mode.

The live grub main menu now also displays Sparky version information. Further improvements have been made to the user interface and system tools accessibility. The Sparky Locker, APTus, Welcome, and USB Imager have seen adjustments to their interfaces to enhance usability without affecting other running applications.

This update is yet another example of the SparkyLinux developers delivering a modern and user-friendly operating system. By addressing key issues and continually integrating new features, SparkyLinux solidifies its position as a reliable Debian-based distribution for a wide range of users. You can grab an ISO here.

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