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Sharon Leid: Navigating Innovation in Public Relations


In an era driven by communication and perception, the realm of public relations (PR) stands as a pivotal force in shaping narratives, influencing opinions, and elevating brands. The art of PR involves navigating through challenges while capitalizing on opportunities to ensure visibility and credibility in the eyes of the public.

As CEO of a leading PR firm, Sharon Leid brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. With a knack for understanding the intricacies of her client’s businesses, she goes beyond conventional PR approaches, crafting tailored solutions that elevate brands and maximize exposure.

Through her dedication to fostering strong relationships with both clients and media platforms, Sharon ensures that every campaign transcends mere media coverage, driving impactful results and fostering long-term success for her clients.

At the heart of groundbreaking PR campaigns lies collaboration, a principle deeply ingrained in the ethos of NetStruc PR. With an emphasis on open communication and idea-sharing, the company harnesses diverse perspectives to craft comprehensive strategies that resonate with audiences and achieve clients’ objectives. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving media landscape, Sharon Leid and her team stand as trusted partners, unlocking digital PR success and propelling small businesses toward growth and impact in an increasingly competitive market.

Let’s delve in to learn more:

Mastering PR Challenges, Maximizing Opportunities

When Sharon lost her job after 18 years, she was devastated. However, instead of giving up, she turned to her expertise in PR. Initially challenging, particularly when collaborating with small businesses where securing press coverage was arduous, she utilized her skills to help them distinguish themselves amidst larger competitors.

What sets NetStruc PR apart? Sharon’s diverse background in government, law enforcement, and civil service, coupled with her extensive experience in media and community engagement. She possesses the ability to navigate any environment and cultivate opportunities for her clients. Collaborating with Sharon entails more than mere media exposure; it involves ensuring that your brand receives visibility through various avenues.

Crafting Personalized PR

Understanding her clients is paramount in Sharon’s personalized approach to business. She delves deeply into their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and successes through extensive conversations until a strong connection is established. Furthermore, she prioritizes cultivating robust relationships with media platforms. Beyond merely pitching stories, she extends assistance whenever they require it, recognizing the importance of nurturing these connections. Sharon emphasizes the significance of relationships in her approach. Additionally, she remains updated through continuous research, analyzing previous media coverage, and strategically aligning her clients for potential opportunities.

Elevating Your Brand

When working with clients, Sharon emphasizes that PR transcends mere media interviews. It encompasses amplifying their story, enhancing brand exposure, and demonstrating credibility and expertise. While media interviews are a crucial component, they are just one piece of the puzzle. Sharon underscores the necessity of employing a diverse range of tools and techniques to achieve these objectives. Hence, she also delivers speeches and conducts training sessions on publicity. This approach provides her audience and clients with a deeper insight into her work and its intricacies.

Sharon regards being a publicist as an art form, requiring creativity and innovation to devise multiple professional and successful strategies for ensuring clients are seen and heard.

Fostering Connections and Opportunities

Sharon initiated Ladies Of 3rd Thursday as a networking tool aimed at uniting business owners. Emerging from an environment where knowledge-sharing was uncommon, and entrepreneurship was not the norm, she sought out like- minded individuals for collaboration. While she continued to participate in other networking events, she was motivated to create something distinctive for a more enriching experience. Consequently, in 2015, she established Ladies of 3rd Thursday.

Over time, Sharon recognized that attendees required more than just connections; they needed access to resources and opportunities. Leveraging her extensive network, she sourced high-quality resources for her members. Given her natural inclination as a connector, this endeavor aligned seamlessly with her abilities.

Navigating Paths to Success

During her undergraduate years at John Jay College, entrepreneurship was not a prevalent focus. Known primarily for its emphasis on law enforcement, where students typically aimed for careers as police officers, attorneys, court and correction officers, or judges, Sharon discovered through her alumni association that students were exploring alternative opportunities, which delighted her.

While Sharon is accustomed to being a trainer when conducting Masterclasses on brand visibility, teaching at John Jay presented a unique experience. Assuming the role of an educator felt gratifying, especially as she imparted a skill she had acquired through personal learning with the assistance of coaches and certifications. This shift allowed her to perceive things from a different standpoint. She observed that while some students grasped the concepts swiftly, others encountered difficulties, acknowledging that each individual had their own reasons.

In her client interactions now, Sharon adopts a distinct approach, particularly when addressing reservations about certain techniques. She collaborates with them to explore alternative methods that instill confidence while achieving desired outcomes. Witnessing a client experience that ‘aha’ moment and feel prepared to progress is profoundly rewarding for her.

Navigating Change

Sharon views challenges as avenues for personal and professional growth. Drawing wisdom from mentors entrenched in the PR industry for over four decades, spanning from the era of fax machines and face-to-face journalist meetings to today’s landscape dominated by social media, emails, and AI, she recognizes the imperative of adaptation and evolution.

Throughout this transformative journey, Sharon remains steadfast in her belief in the enduring value of relationships. By cultivating authentic connections, she secures media features for her clients. To remain at the forefront of industry trends, she maintains a continuous learning ethos. Should there be tasks beyond her expertise, Sharon enlists the support of skilled team members, ensuring her clients consistently receive top-tier PR services.

Fostering Impactful Collaboration in PR

At NetStruc PR, collaboration stands as a cornerstone for driving impactful PR campaigns. The company places a premium on fostering open communication and idea- sharing among both team members and clients, recognizing the value that diverse perspectives bring to strategic planning. This collaborative ethos results in campaigns that are more comprehensive, resonate with audiences and effectively achieve clients’ objectives. The advantages of this collaborative model include the generation of innovative ideas, heightened stakeholder engagement, and, ultimately, the attainment of greater campaign success.

Elevating Success Stories

All clients working with Sharon and her team at NetStruc PR boast success stories. Often approaching challenges regarding brand visibility they struggle to address, clients find solace in the attentive listening, careful evaluation, and tailored solutions provided by Sharon and her team.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of their work is witnessing the sheer delight on clients’ faces as they encounter memorable moments. Whether it’s during an interview with a long-admired figure, establishing connections with ideal clients that lead to collaborations and new business ventures, or receiving invitations to speak based on media appearances, these instances of achievement and fulfillment serve as powerful motivators to consistently deliver impactful results for their clients.

Unlocking Digital PR Success

Incorporating digital PR strategies into the traditional approach holds paramount importance in today’s media landscape. Sharon and her team at NetStruc PR adeptly fuse digital platforms into their PR campaigns, harnessing the power of social networking, online publications, and influencer collaborations to amplify their reach and foster meaningful audience engagement.

For businesses seeking to harness digital channels for publicity, Sharon advises a strategic approach. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience thoroughly and selecting the appropriate platforms to effectively reach them. Consistent and genuine engagement emerges as a cornerstone; businesses should prioritize the creation of valuable content that resonates with their audience and fosters interaction. Furthermore, Sharon highlights the significance of monitoring and analyzing digital metrics to glean valuable insights, enabling the refinement of strategies and the optimization of performance over time.

Elevating Small Businesses

Sharon’s vision for NetStruc PR is centered on growth and impact. With a focus on assisting more small businesses and entrepreneurs in effectively communicating their stories and achieving newsworthiness, she aims to be acknowledged and esteemed as an industry expert publicist. Her objective is to guide clients toward success amidst an ever-evolving media landscape.

To address the evolving needs of clients and the industry, Sharon envisions NetStruc PR expanding its services, embracing new technologies, and staying ahead of emerging trends in PR and media communications.

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