Monday, April 22, 2024

Say goodbye to Microsoft Windows 11 and hello to Nitrux Linux 3.4.0 ‘pl’


Are you tired of the limitations and issues of Microsoft Windows 11? If yes, then it’s time to explore the exciting world of Linux with the latest release of Nitrux 3.4.0 “pl.” This new version promises a refreshing and powerful alternative to traditional operating systems.

Nitrux 3.4.0 “pl” is now available for download, bringing together the latest software updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements. It’s designed to offer users an immediate and ready-to-use experience with hardware support right out of the box.

The heart of Nitrux 3.4.0 “pl” is the Linux 6.7.11-1 (Liquorix) kernel, ensuring a stable and secure foundation. Key updates in this release include:

  • Firefox updated to version 124.0.1.
  • MauiKit, MauiKit Frameworks, and Maui Apps updated to version 3.3.0.
  • Nitrux Update Tool System updated to version 2.1.3, with a new warning feature for NVIDIA hardware detection.
  • Updated linux-firmware package with support for various drivers including AMD Radeon GPUs, Intel graphics processors, and more.
  • Distrobox updated to version and Touchegg to version 2.0.17.
  • AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan updated to version v-2024.Q1.3.
  • Enhancements to the NX Desktop utility and custom pages for the Plasma System Monitor

Additionally, Nitrux 3.4.0 “pl” introduces new components such as saferm, ethtool, Powercap, and GeoClue to enhance system functionality and user experience. One notable removal is the Agenda (Calendar Maui App) due to stability issues.

The release also addresses several issues, including fixes for the USB multiplexor daemon service script and the Tor service script. However, it’s worth noting that the Plasma System Monitor will not report GPU data in a virtual machine environment.

In a significant shift, Nitrux has parted ways with packages provided by the KDE Neon developers. Instead, all Plasma, KDE Frameworks, and Qt packages now come directly from Debian. As a result, users are encouraged to follow the alternative update method outlined in the Nitrux tutorial.

Ultimately, Nitrux 3.4.0 “pl” is a compelling choice for those looking to break free from the constraints of Windows 11. With its cutting-edge features, robust support, and active development, Nitrux is a sure bet to improve your computing experience. You can download an ISO here.

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