Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Removable Boombox Added to the Vision Neue Klasse X by BMW


BMW is making waves in the automotive world with the unveiling of the Vision Neue Klasse X, which serves as a preview of the brand’s first dedicated electric car platform, a new design language, and cutting-edge battery technology. This innovative vehicle also boasts aerodynamic enhancements, as well as brakes and tires specifically designed for electric vehicles to maximize efficiency. Additionally, a unique feature of the Vision Neue Klasse X is a removable boombox, adding an element of versatility to the driving experience.

While BMW did not highlight the detachable speaker in its official press release, it was revealed during a conversation with Kai Lander, Head of BMW i Design. Positioned on the floating center console, the speaker can be detached and used externally. This feature is not entirely novel, as Toyota already offers a similar removable speaker in the Tacoma model.

Although the floating center console may not make it to production on the upcoming iX3 set to launch in 2025, the potential inclusion of the detachable boombox remains uncertain. The concept’s design chief hinted at a more functional center console in the production model, with enhanced ergonomics thanks to the absence of a transmission tunnel typically found in traditional combustion engine vehicles. The overall goal is to optimize space utilization without compromising on practicality.

In terms of size, the iX3 is expected to offer more interior room compared to current models, thanks to its dedicated electric platform. With an emphasis on maximizing space for rear passengers by stretching the wheelbase, the next-gen iX3 aims to strike a balance between size and efficiency. While technical specifications remain under wraps, more details are anticipated to be revealed later in the year or early 2025, ahead of the expected mid-2025 release date for the production model. Stay tuned for further updates on BMW’s electrifying future in the automotive industry.

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