Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Proximity collaborates with Euronext for shareholder insights’


Proxymity and Euronext have joined forces to introduce AGM Voting Insight, a new tool designed to offer European issuers enhanced transparency and insight into voting patterns and behavior. The collaboration comes at a time of increased emphasis on shareholder engagement, providing issuers with valuable shareholder intelligence and voting analytics ahead of their annual general meetings (AGM).

Through the use of real-time voting analytics, issuers can proactively identify trends, anticipate voting outcomes, tailor their messaging, mitigate risks, and bolster their governance practices. Jonathan Smalley, Proxymity’s chief operating officer, highlights the platform’s ability to help European issuers gain a deeper understanding of voting behavior, offering rapid and precise shareholder identification to elevate shareholder communications.

Mathieu Caron, Euronext’s head of primary markets, expresses enthusiasm for the new tool, emphasizing the importance of providing resources to connect customers with the investment universe and enhance their AGM preparations. Euronext’s commitment to supporting listed companies in their investor dialogue and ESG strategy underscores the tool’s significance in informing investment decisions.

Overall, the launch of AGM Voting Insight represents a significant step forward in empowering European issuers to make informed decisions and enhance their shareholder communications efforts.

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