Saturday, July 20, 2024

‘ProCook joins forces with Food Cycle charity’


ProCook, a renowned kitchenware brand, has forged a new partnership with Food Cycle, a UK charity dedicated to addressing food poverty, loneliness, and food waste through community dining initiatives. This collaboration underscores ProCook’s steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and community support.

Sarah Wheatley, ProCook’s people and ESG director, emphasized the company’s belief in the power of community and the significance of reducing food waste. She expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Food Cycle, citing it as a means to reinforce ProCook’s dedication to supporting those in need and promoting joyful everyday cooking experiences.

In response, Food Cycle chief executive Sophie Tebbetts expressed excitement about the collaboration with ProCook, noting their shared mission to combat food poverty, food waste, and loneliness within every community.

This partnership between ProCook and Food Cycle signals a meaningful step towards creating positive social impact and fostering a more sustainable, supportive community through the shared values of both organizations.

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