Monday, July 22, 2024

‘Possible Integration of Vision Pro Tech on Mac Computers’


Apple is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to technology, and their latest venture involves bringing spatial computing experiences to computer monitors. Through a newly published patent for “Displays with Selective Pixel Brightness tuning,” Apple is exploring the use of lenticular display technology to create a three-dimensional viewing experience without the need for a headset.

The patent details how images can be displayed in controllable zones with adjustable pixel values for enhanced quality. Multiple viewers can also enjoy the same image from different angles, thanks to the technology being developed by Apple.

While the patent does not mention any specific products, it hints at the possibility of a future Apple Studio Display or MacBook display that can showcase 3D content. This move by Apple follows a trend in the industry where companies are revisiting 3D display technology, with Samsung also working on a glasses-free 3D monitor.

However, the cost of such technology remains a concern, with the Apple Vision Pro already priced at ,500. Considering that the Apple Studio Display is ,600 and the Pro Display XDR is ,000, a 3D monitor from Apple could come with a hefty price tag.

While it’s always exciting to read about innovative concepts from companies like Apple, it’s important to note that not all patented technologies make it to market. Nonetheless, the idea of a 3D display from Apple is certainly intriguing, and could pave the way for more immersive computing experiences in the future.

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