Monday, July 22, 2024

PIB Group appoints chief transformation & integration officer


PIB Group has recently appointed Richard Kirby as its chief transformation and integration officer, a move that is expected to enhance the company’s executive team. Kirby’s role will focus on improving how the group integrates businesses to support growth, particularly in the areas of international mergers, acquisitions, and integrations.

With Kirby’s expertise, PIB aims to strengthen its operational capabilities and strategy, aiming to establish itself as a prominent pan-European insurance distribution group. Kirby will oversee various divisions at PIB, including retail, specialty, underwriting, and schemes, with a specific emphasis on optimizing acquired businesses’ integration to drive profitability and growth.

Kirby’s appointment will allow PIB’s chief operating/information officer, Paul Johnson, to concentrate more on the CIO aspects of his role, such as digitization, data, and security. Johnson will continue to oversee ESG initiatives and Indian operations.

Expressing his satisfaction with Kirby’s recruitment, deputy chief executive Ryan Brown stated, “Richard joins us with extensive international insurance broking experience, having held senior operational value creation roles across both the corporate and private equity sectors.” Kirby’s rich background, including his time at Aon and Marsh, brings over twenty-five years of experience to PIB.

Kirby believes that his skills and experience will contribute to PIB’s goal of becoming a larger, more efficient international player. He recognizes PIB’s culture as a great fit for him and is eager to assist the company in delivering top-notch integration services and support its continuous growth momentum.

This strategic hire comes at a crucial time for PIB Group as it accelerates its international expansion efforts. Kirby’s track record of driving accretive margin growth through acquisition integration and international growth positions him well to lead PIB through its evolution into a leading European insurance distribution business of scale.

Overall, Kirby’s appointment signifies PIB Group’s commitment to enhancing its capabilities and achieving its strategic goals in the competitive insurance industry.

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