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Pi Pharma Intelligence: Pre-Market Insights in Pharmaceutical Excellence


Empowering Pharmaceuticals with Cutting-Edge Insights!

Some things taught to us when we were younger are forever carved into our minds. It is this winning mindset that gives us the strength to never give up. This is the process that makes us capable of handling critical and responsible situations. In the same way, navigating the intricate landscape of drug research, manufacturing, and market access is crucial for success in the pharmaceutical industry. Comprehensive pre-market analytics are available at Pi Pharma Intelligence to support your pharmaceutical journey.

The experts at Pi Pharma Intelligence provide valuable insights into the latest breakthroughs, emerging trends, and research opportunities.

Let’s unlock the journey of innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and market insights of Pi Pharma Intelligence:

Genesis and Vision of Pi Pharma Intelligence in MENA

Inaugurating its commercial journey in late 2020, Pi Pharma Intelligence emerged from the visionary aspirations of its founder, Nusaibah Al Jaloudi. Recognizing the MENA region as a linguistic entity united by the Arabic language, he identified a critical challenge—fragmented, non-standardized, and elusive data, specifically in the Pharmaceuticals sector. This data disparity wielded a significant and adverse impact on the pharmaceutical industry, leading to a staggering 20% termination rate of product projects at advanced stages, translating into substantial financial losses and resource wastage.

In response to this pressing need, the inception of Pi Pharma Intelligence sought to introduce a digital solution, harmonizing and consolidating pivotal pharmaceutical insights across the MENA region. The company embarked on its journey with a mission to mitigate industry challenges, foster informed decision-making, and revolutionize the accessibility of essential data in the regional pharmaceutical landscape.

Catalyzing Transformation

Pi Pharma Intelligence emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of pharmaceutical intelligence, dedicated to delivering insights that transcend traditional data offerings. Providing clients with a holistic understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape, encompassing intricate details of intellectual property, regulatory nuances, pricing dynamics, and manufacturer insights, the company empowers its clientele with invaluable information. With a focus on early awareness and proactive updates, Pi ensures that clients are well-prepared to navigate risks and make well-informed decisions.

Going beyond the realm of data provision, the company’s true impact lies in fostering internal collaboration, harmonizing departments, and transforming decision-making into a collaborative and strategic process. Pi not only serves as an information provider but also as a catalyst, revolutionizing the decision-making paradigm within the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Maverick

The Strategic Co-founder Hazem Al Yacoub’s illustrious 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, marked by diverse roles with major players such as Bayer, AstraZeneca, Ferring, and, notably, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals, underscores his deep understanding of the intricacies of the field. The pivotal shift in the last seven years towards a more involved role in decision-making, particularly in product selection and sourcing for the Middle East and Maghreb regions, showcases his strategic insights.

His recognition of the paramount importance of timely, accurate insights and data has led to a purposeful transition into the dynamic domain of Insights and Analytics. Hazem’s journey reflects adaptability, continuous learning, and a commitment to driving success in an industry undergoing rapid transformation.

Meticulous Approach to Pharmaceutical Insights

With a dedicated team comprising 20 professionals, including pharmacists and data scientists, Pi Pharma Intelligence employs a meticulous process to curate data from reputable sources. Through rigorous cross-referencing, the team ensures the accuracy of the data, adding significant value before integrating it into the platform. The company’s commitment extends to keeping clients well-informed about critical data, encompassing the complete intellectual property landscape, from granted to pending patents, regulatory submissions, and approvals to pricing details and manufacturers’ insights.

Recognizing that the true essence lies not just in the data itself but in its interpretation, Pi Pharma Intelligence emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making based on comprehensive insights, offering clients a transformative approach to navigating the complexities of the pharmaceutical landscape, supported by an experienced team, is consistently engaged in interacting with clients. They conduct analyses, enhance insights, and propose solutions, effectively adding value to the services provided.

Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Strategy

By prioritizing the strategic selection of portfolio mix, the platform Pi-insight empowers pharmaceutical companies with extensive big data analytics. This capability allows for a thorough evaluation of performance metrics and the anticipation of upcoming trends. Offering invaluable and distinctive insights into patents—both granted and pending—it provides a technical assessment of the claims, ensuring that the clients not only respect intellectual property rights but also steer clear of potential litigations with patent owners. At Pi, the commitment lies in equipping clients with the tools and insights necessary to drive their market strategy, consistently positioning them as pioneers in the pharmaceutical landscape.

A notable achievement includes one of Pi Pharma Intelligence’s Saudi clients registering the first oncology generic in the UAE, unlocking a market value of 8 million USD, and securing a winning tender valued at $800,000.

Pioneering Success

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Pi Pharma Intelligence’s proficient information team has developed programs and applications that systematically identify and collect data from various sources, ensuring consistent and timely updates.

Renowned for its distinctive initiative in standardizing and unifying MENA region data, Pi Pharma Intelligence stands out as the exclusive global supplier of comprehensive information. The platform is widely embraced by clients seeking to craft effective access strategies, identify product suppliers, determine market ranks, and strategically decide on launch dates, solidifying Pi Intelligence’s pivotal role in steering pharmaceutical companies toward success.

When they launched the product, they were anticipating a significant demand from investors and existing pharmaceutical companies based in MENA. However, in the current year, they found themselves attracting users and clients from India, China, Turkey, and Europe. These stakeholders saw Pi Insight as a gateway to comprehending the MENA region and its dynamics.

What’s Next

Pi Insight currently delivers valuable information to its clients and users. However, the system relies on users actively seeking and acting upon this information. In contrast, Pi Pharma Intelligence envisions a more proactive approach to ensure clients are taking the right steps. To achieve this, Pi Pharma Intelligence is in the process of developing a new product. This innovative solution will seamlessly integrate the insights gathered into internal projects at each company. Through this integration, push notifications will be strategically placed within company projects, compelling responsible project managers to take prompt and informed actions based on the insights provided. This strategic initiative aims to enhance efficiency and responsiveness within both Pi Insight and Pi Pharma Intelligence, aligning with their commitment to delivering optimal results for their clients.

Resounding Testimonials

“Pi Pharma Intelligence, proven to be Experts in what they do, quickly evolved to be among the best solutions utilizing Intelligence to confidently deliver up-to-date and insightful Data. We are confident to have Pi as a long-term Partner.” – Rasha Ma’ayah , BD Director

“Not Just a Pharma CI database, it is a passion of supporting the partners towards the success and uniqueness.” – Ali El-Badry, Business Development Manager

“I must say that the experience that we had with Pi has been outstanding. The search outcome can be configured in a variety of options, sometimes more options than regular work requires. Search results analyses are useful. Database updates are performed timely.” – Ali Aqel, Business Development Head

“Pi walks with its clients all the way, innately furnishes clear views of the pathway ahead, and reassures clients by their genuinely high tier standard of service. Pi has always added clarity to our pathways.” – Iyad Saleh Eqtefan, Director, RD RA & Medical Affairs

”Here we are about to complete our third year of cooperation with our strategic partner “PI.” In fact, they do not stop developing and improving, and I am very excited to try the new version, which I expect will be no less perfect than the current version.” – Dr.Soad Essam, Intellectual Property head

Working with Pi Pharma Intelligence is an immense pleasure for me. All team members are cooperative and friendly. They always stay clear and concise about requirements, project details, and deliverables. A perfect team with high standards! – Dr. Shama Nosheen, Medical writer

Executive Summary

Three Compelling reasons to invest in Pi Pharma Intelligence to drive 3X growth in revenues 2025

  1. Exceptional Team
    40+ years of experience in pharma, tech, and data
    Managed investment of 100 M USD in Pharma
    Ex-Tabuk , Ex-AstraZeneca , Ex-PWC
  2. Scalable product
    In house developed a web app that gives access to all critical data for decision-making in the pharma industry (prices, IP, Regulatory, etc.)
    Customizable to different territories and markets
    600,000 data points already collected
    Will be revolutionized by AI
  3. Market Timing
    The market leader in the GCC
    Expanding to East Europe through inbound (Poland, Greece, Hungary, Malta

Addressing the next shifts in the pharmaceutical industry

We see three trends that will play a critical factor in the growth of the Pharma Industry:

  • European legislation reforms are facilitating exports of generic products
  • Analytics and AI are driving decision-making in Drug discovery
  • Post Covid National security on drugs is driving government policies and investments

Pi-Insight is the only pharma research platform in the MENA

Simple, easy, and comprehensive, it has already delivered $50m of ROI

Pi Pharma Intelligence launched specialized research platform that provides pharma companies with the pre-marketing insights and data they need for effective and improved product access planning.

Pi Insight, offers BD teams instant access to drug and patent information, drug attributes, clinical trials, and other critical information. As a result, we maximize our client’s ROI.

Attributes tracked: 28

Across Markets: 8

Products Catalogued: 10K

Stop Keeping Unit: 15K

Clinical Trials Data: 75K

Patents Archived: 350K

Market Protection: 10K

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