Monday, July 15, 2024

‘Peruvian designer Genaro Rivas showcases collection at London Fashion Week’


Genaro Rivas debuts “Aerion,” his first men’s collection at the prestigious Week of Fashion in London, showcasing Peru’s second consecutive appearance at the event. Inspired by light and shadow play, Rivas infuses his designs with a futuristic aesthetic rooted in his Peruvian heritage.

Utilizing ethically sourced materials like alpaca wool, bamboo fibers with Incalpaca silk, and hand-loomed garments, the collection harmonizes tradition with innovation. Concrete hues with pops of red-orange, ecru, and blue form a timeless and contemporary palette, emphasizing Rivas’ dedication to sustainable fashion and responsible practices.

Beyond aesthetics, Rivas emphasizes fashion’s transformative power. Through his East Fusion project, supported by the Foundation For Future London and the Westfield Creative Future Funds during his studies at the London College of Fashion, he developed a manual for collection development in East London.

Exploring free and relaxed silhouettes, the collection is complemented by Japanese silk, Turkish brocades, recycled cotton, digitally printed linens, and Peruvian fabrics, showcasing Rivas’ vision for zero waste fashion. Handcrafted thermoformed acrylic garments add a unique touch to the collection, showcasing Rivas’ craftsmanship.

The music for the show is produced by Nicolás Prado from the Prado project in Peru, adding a cultural blend to the collection. The parade is set to take place on Saturday the 8th in London, marking Peru’s second consecutive representation at this global platform.

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