Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Partnerships Formed between WorkWave, Wisetack, and YouLend


WorkWave, a prominent provider of SaaS software solutions, has recently formed strategic partnerships with Wisetack and YouLend to enhance its financial services offerings for customers. These partnerships will enable WorkWave customers to provide more flexible payment options to end customers and access flexible financing solutions to support their business growth.

David F. Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave, expressed, “These new product offerings underscore WorkWave’s dedication to helping our customers expand their businesses and manage their finances effectively. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that impact all aspects of their business, and these credit solutions will offer the capital, speed, and flexibility needed for growth.”

Wisetack specializes in embedded pay-over-time options for in-person services. Through the partnership with WorkWave, customers can utilize Wisetack to offer flexible financing options for larger purchases, benefiting both the end customer and the service provider. This collaboration opens up opportunities for service providers to execute larger ticket services that may have otherwise been unattainable.

Bobby Tzekin, CEO of Wisetack, highlighted the increasing demand for pay-over-time solutions among consumers and emphasized the potential of this partnership to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, YouLend, a leading global embedded finance platform, will provide WorkWave customers with quick and easy access to additional capital buying power through the partnership. This access to flexible repayment options and quick cash flow will empower businesses to seize opportunities and overcome financial barriers without the constraints of traditional business funding.

Ted Kirk, country head of U.S. strategic partnerships at YouLend, lauded the partnership with WorkWave as a significant step towards providing businesses of all sizes with the financial empowerment they need to thrive and grow without traditional constraints.

In conclusion, the partnerships between WorkWave, Wisetack, and YouLend signify a collaborative effort to offer innovative financial solutions that support business growth and customer success. With enhanced payment options and flexible financing solutions, WorkWave customers can now navigate financial challenges and seize opportunities with confidence and ease.

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