Tuesday, June 25, 2024

‘Öztiryakiler now owned by Hoshizaki’


Turkish food service equipment manufacturer Öztiryakiler has officially become a subsidiary of Japanese manufacturer Hoshizaki after the latter acquired 51% of its shares. This move comes after Hoshizaki first invested in Öztiryakiler back in November 2019, aiming to enhance its product development capabilities and improve productivity and quality.

Founded in 1958, Öztiryakiler operates four manufacturing sites and has established sales channels not only in Turkey but also in various European countries, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. With this acquisition, Hoshizaki aims to create synergies by bolstering the lineup of commercial refrigerators for the Hoshizaki brand in Europe and developing dishwashers for the Asian market through Hoshizaki’s existing sales channels.

This strategic collaboration between Öztiryakiler and Hoshizaki is expected to drive innovation and growth in the food service equipment industry, benefiting both companies and expanding their global reach.

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