Friday, July 19, 2024

Organic Cold Brew Coffee in a Bottle


Pop & Bottle, a company renowned for its plant-based lattes and coffee concentrates, has unveiled its latest offering – the Organic Cold Brew Coffee lineup. The launch comes amidst a growing trend for cold brew coffee, with Pop & Bottle striving to cater to the needs of today’s coffee lovers.

CEO and co-founder of Pop & Bottle, Jash Mehta, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a purposeful, nourishing, and gratifying coffee experience. Starting off with bottled almond milk lattes in 2015 and progressing to canned oat milk lattes in 2019, the introduction of the multi-serve cold brew series is aimed at individuals looking for the premium taste and quality of traditional black coffee in a cost-effective, multi-serve format.

The new Organic Cold Brew Coffee lineup caters to those seeking the smooth taste of cold brew coffee without the heightened caffeine levels typically associated with it. With caffeine content varying across three varieties – Vanilla (80 mg per 12-ounce serving), Light Roast (90 mg per 12-ounce serving), and Medium Roast (100 mg per 12-ounce serving) – each batch is cold brewed for over 10 hours to ensure a balanced acidity and a smooth finish.

Packaged in stylish 48-ounce PET bottles, Pop & Bottle’s Cold Brew Coffees are currently being sold at select Target stores until May 6, with plans for expansion to other retailers nationwide soon after. For more information, visit the company’s official website.

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