Friday, July 19, 2024

OptConnect introduces ema:USB, a new smart USB modem for IoT connectivity


OptConnect has announced the release of ema:USB, described as the first smart USB modem. This product is designed to simplify the process of integrating cellular connectivity into various hardware setups, reducing the usual delays and complexities.

The core of ema:USB features the OptConnect ema, a patented embedded modem that has achieved full certification as an LTE Category 4 device. This certification helps users avoid the costs and challenges associated with developing embedded wireless designs.

The ema:USB is designed to be ultra-compact, making it suitable for use in spaces where larger cellular devices cannot fit. It also includes dual-SIM functionality with automatic failover, which helps maintain service continuity even if one carrier has network issues.

Included with each ema:USB is OptConnect’s proprietary emaConnect driver, which enhances compatibility and performance across various applications without the need for additional software development. The device’s plug-and-play capability is essential for ensuring reliable connectivity in diverse settings.

Additionally, the ema:USB is supported by OptConnect’s Connectivity-as-a-Service (CaaS), which offers comprehensive support for IoT projects. This service includes continuous carrier monitoring, quick technical support, device management, and a variety of other services.

Chris Baird, President and CEO of OptConnect, commented on the release, saying, “In our efforts to simplify connectivity for our customers, we identified a need for a plug-and-play USB option. The introduction of ema:USB addresses this need, enhancing our product offerings and supporting our diverse customer base.”

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