Monday, April 15, 2024

Opera One web browser enhances AI capabilities: Adds local Large Language Models (LLMs) in developer stream


Opera has announced a huge AI update to its Opera One web browser in the developer stream. The company is introducing experimental support for 150 local Large Language Models (LLMs) across approximately 50 different model families. This innovative feature allows users to easily access and manage local AI models directly from the browser, a first in the industry.

The supported local LLMs include notable names such as Llama from Meta, Vicuna, Gemma from Google, Mixtral from Mistral AI, among others. The inclusion of local LLMs means that users can now leverage generative AI capabilities without the need to send data to external servers. This ensures that user data remains on the device, enhancing privacy and security.

Opera is rolling out this new feature as part of its AI Feature Drops Program, which aims to provide early adopters with the opportunity to test experimental AI features in the browser. Users interested in trying out the local LLMs can do so by upgrading to the latest version of Opera Developer and following the necessary steps to activate the feature. Once a local LLM is selected, it will be downloaded to the user’s device and used in place of Opera’s online Aria AI service. These local models typically require between 2-10 GB of storage space per variant.

Krystian Kolondra, EVP Browsers and Gaming at Opera, emphasized the significance of this update, stating, “Introducing Local LLMs in this way allows Opera to start exploring ways of building experiences and knowhow within the fast-emerging local AI space.”

Opera has a history of innovation in the AI space, with Opera One being its AI-centric flagship browser launched in early 2023. Opera One boasts a modular design and a new browser architecture that includes a multithreaded compositor for smoother UX element processing. The browser also features the Aria browser AI, accessible via the browser sidebar or command line. Aria is also available in Opera GX, the gaming-centric browser, as well as in Opera’s iOS and Android versions.

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