Monday, April 22, 2024

Oladance unveils OWS Sports Open Wearable Stereo Bluetooth earphones 


Oladance has rocked the open ear audio technology market with its development of Open Wearable Stereo (OWS). Unlike bone conduction technology, Oladance OWS utilizes air conduction to deliver a three-dimensional sound effect, which is designed to be more comfortable over extended periods.

Oladance’s approach with OWS technology is to provide users with a connection to their surroundings that is both open and safe. Their products are designed to rest on the ear, avoiding the ear canal, which addresses potential discomfort, irritation, or hearing damage from long-term earphone use. Additionally, the Oladance app enhances the user experience by offering personalization options, including four sound modes, sound balance, and gesture and function controls.

The introduction of the OWS Sports model targets fitness enthusiasts, offering a design that caters to a wide range of physical activities, including running, biking, yoga, and rock climbing. It features an IPX8 waterproof rating, wind noise reduction, and a 15-hour battery life, with a 2-hour quick charge capability. These features ensure that the device can endure various elements without disrupting the user’s listening experience.

Technical advancements in the OWS Sports include the integration of a Qualcomm aptX chip for superior sound quality, an amplifier chip to enhance sound volume and energy, and the Virtual Bass 2.0 algorithm for improved low-frequency sound. An anti-sound leakage system is also incorporated to provide a private listening environment, aiding concentration during activities.

Oladance prioritizes comfort and safe listening with its OWS technology, designed to process sounds in a way that is conducive to ear health. The OWS Sports earphones are made from soft liquid silicone rubber and feature an ergonomically designed soft titanium wire neck strap, ensuring both comfort and stability during use. Additionally, integrated physical control buttons allow for easy sound adjustment.

Now available in colors like Endorphin Silver, Hormone Yellow, Epinephrine Gray, and Dopamine Pink, the OWS Sports are priced at $179.99. You can buy them from here immediately.

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