Monday, July 22, 2024

New update: Apple Wallet pass files supported by Google Wallet


Google Wallet introduced a new feature last year that allowed users to share boarding passes and event tickets with others via a link. This feature was particularly helpful for those who didn’t have the Google Wallet app installed on their devices, such as iOS users. Now, Google Wallet is rolling out an update that expands on this feature by enabling Apple Wallet passes to be used in Google Wallet as well.

This update comes as an effort to narrow the gap with Apple Wallet, which currently holds an advantage due to its widespread use among apps and services that distribute digital tickets and passes on iPhones. With the new update, Android users can now import “pkpass” files, which are used to add passes to Apple Wallet on iPhones, into Google Wallet. This move aims to standardize the process of adding tickets and passes across both Android and iPhone devices.

While some Android users have already reported success in opening and importing “pkpass” files in Google Wallet, the functionality is still being implemented on Google’s end. This update could potentially improve the user experience and convenience for consumers using Google Wallet on Android devices and bridge the gap between the two platforms in terms of digital ticketing services.

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