Monday, July 22, 2024

‘New Supertruck to Scale Pikes Peak Based on F-150 Lightning’


Ford Performance has exciting news for automotive enthusiasts as they announced the participation of the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck in the 102nd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in late June. This event, brought to you by Gran Turismo, will showcase the capabilities of Ford’s best-selling electric pickup in the challenging 12.5-mile uphill race.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb serves as a perfect testing ground for electric powertrains, allowing Ford to push the boundaries of EV technology under extreme conditions. By running electric test vehicles like the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck, Ford aims to gather valuable insights to enhance its production vehicles in terms of performance and efficiency.

These high-performance test vehicles act as rolling laboratories for the development of various components, including motors, inverters, and battery packs. Additionally, they play a crucial role in refining software calibration and battery cell chemistry, among other key areas of electric vehicle technology.

Although more details about the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck will be revealed in the coming weeks, Ford has shared an initial teaser image of the vehicle online. Automotive enthusiasts can view the teaser on Ford’s official website.

For further updates and information about Ford’s performance vehicles, visit the official Ford Performance website. Get ready to witness the power and innovation of the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this June.

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