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New solution secures any browser for the enterprise


Computer security

With more and more businesses relying on SaaS solutions, securing the endpoint browser is vital. Often this involves enterprises imposing a particular browser on their users rather than allowing a choice.

In a new approach, Menlo Security is launching a complete enterprise browser solution that can turn any browser into a secure enterprise browser.

Built around elements of the Menlo Secure Cloud Browser, the SaaS solution delivers a comprehensive approach to enterprise browser security, protecting users where they work and securing applications from internet-borne attacks.

The Menlo Enterprise Browser includes new capabilities for managing local browser security policies within Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, protecting users with the Menlo Secure Cloud Browser, and securing access to applications and protecting associated data.

“Every enterprise needs a solution that enables secure browsing — many employees spend 75 percent of their work day in a browser,” says Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO and co-founder at Menlo Security, “Traditional security approaches have had their chance. These markets have been developing for 25 years. In the network, we have this byzantine labyrinth of controls, and the endpoint is evermore hotly contested ground. We have delivered the industry’s first cloud-delivered secure enterprise browser solution. It transforms any browser into a secure enterprise browser, adding the local browser into a layered security architecture by managing it with a curated security policy and creating a digital twin of the browser in the cloud.”

The solution enables a simple to adopt and unified zero-trust access model that works with enterprise-managed systems and unmanaged devices, too. Menlo enables governance over privileged access while moving beyond legacy approaches, such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote-access VPNs.

You can find out more on the Menlo site.

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