Sunday, June 23, 2024

‘New PVC SD Plus Fleeceback Product Launch’


Johns Manville has unveiled its much-anticipated JM PVC SD Plus Fleeceback product line, offering a 60mil and 80mil product in 76” and 144” configurations. This new line aims to provide added labor savings with fewer welded seams, meeting the needs of customers looking for durability and application flexibility.

These new products will build upon the proven Johns Manville PVC SD Plus formulation while incorporating the benefits of fleeceback product offerings. Effective February 12th, 2024, the company will offer these products from their Hazelton, Hillsboro, and Lathrop stocking locations.

The following products will be available:
– JM PVC SD PLUS 60 FB 76″X90′ WHITE SKU: 70008978
– JM PVC SD PLUS 60 FB 144″X90′ WHITE SKU: 70008979
– JM PVC SD PLUS 80 FB 76″X75′ WHITE SKU: 70008980
– JM PVC SD PLUS 80 FB 144″X75′ WHITE SKU: 70008981

For more information, data sheets, assembly plates, and specifications, visit the Johns Manville website at

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