Monday, July 22, 2024

New M600 wire-laser AM system released by Meltio


Meltio, a leading manufacturer of wire-laser metal deposition systems, has unveiled its latest industrial metal 3D printer, the M600. This innovative system aims to address the challenges of long lead times, costly stock management, and fragile supply chains in the manufacturing industry. By increasing productivity, reducing costs, and offering autonomous production capabilities, the M600 is set to revolutionize metal additive manufacturing.

According to Lukas Hoppe, Research and Development Director at Meltio, the design concept behind the M600 was to create the ideal 3D printer for machine shops. With a focus on post-processing and a clear vision of integrating metal additive manufacturing into modern machine shops, the M600 aims to streamline production processes, reduce lead times, and minimize manufacturing dependencies.

The M600 utilizes welding wire as its feedstock, providing a cost-effective and safe alternative to powder feedstocks. This feature ensures high-quality components with material properties comparable to traditionally manufactured parts. Additionally, the newly developed Blue Laser deposition head increases printing speed and reduces energy consumption, especially for reflective materials like copper and aluminum alloys.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with CNC machines, the M600 features a built-in 3-axis touch probe and supports various workholding solutions. This allows operators to add features to existing parts or repair them instead of printing entirely new components. The system’s autonomy and minimal operator interaction, coupled with improved energy distribution and wire guidance, ensure consistent output and reliable performance.

Through continuous innovation and learning from the installation of over 300 Laser DED machines, Meltio has crafted the M600 as the next evolution in wire-laser DED technology. This new system strikes a balance between machine size, cost, and productivity without compromising on quality, reliability, or ease of use. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to advancing metal additive manufacturing, Meltio aims to drive mass adoption of wire-laser DED technology with the groundbreaking M600.

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