Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘New healthcare decision service utilizes innovative Tactuum technology in Scotland’


Clinicians in Scotland now have easier access to clinical guidelines and decision support tools thanks to the Right Decision Service (RDS), a national project funded by the Scottish Government and operated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. This initiative, powered by Tactuum’s Quris platform, consolidates various clinical guidance and policy tools developed by health boards and specialist services into a single, user-friendly platform.

Dr. Ann Wales, the program lead for knowledge and decision support at Healthcare Improvement Scotland, emphasized the importance of providing a centralized hub for clinicians to access evidence-based guidance quickly and efficiently. The RDS not only streamlines access to national and local guidelines but also ensures the quality of information presented to users.

Tactuum’s Quris Clinical Companion enables NHS health boards and trusts to manage the development, governance, and publication of clinical guidance and policies. This platform offers templates for creating action-focused content that can be easily accessed by clinicians through websites, electronic patient records, or apps, even in offline mode.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision was made to integrate various Quris deployments across Scotland into a unified RDS platform, benefiting over 90,000 users. Mark Buchner, CEO of Tactuum, expressed enthusiasm for the success of the RDS and Quris, highlighting the platform’s ability to streamline systems and provide valuable resources to frontline staff.

Moving forward, developments for Quris and RDS include integrating decision support into electronic health records and leveraging AI to enhance guideline development and impact measurement. The ultimate goal is to showcase the potential of such platforms to healthcare organizations at various levels, from individual departments to national delivery of clinical resources.

The RDS currently involves twelve territorial health boards, six health and social care partnerships, national NHS boards, social care organizations, and various programs and networks. For more information on Tactuum’s innovative platforms, visit their website.

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