Sunday, April 14, 2024

New gen AI tool helps ease IT workloads


We’ve known for a long time that working in IT can be stressful and that stressed staff can put the organization at risk.

IT ops management platform InvGate is launching a new set of AI tools that aim to help IT teams do their jobs faster and more effectively.

InvGate AI Hub’s generative AI tools focus on lowering the workload of IT operations teams by simplifying or automating complex tasks. The solution can improve detailed responses to requests that agents can use to quickly address support tickets and resolve user issues. It allows support agents to speed up the knowledge base article creation process by converting incident resolutions into article drafts, and thus ensuring the knowledge base stays current and retains all the information even when experienced team members leave. Additionally, the tool generates ticket summaries, making it easy to review the full interaction history with a user allow agents to quickly get up to speed on complex cases.

It has a virtual agent in Microsoft Teams that provides user support by accessing the company’s knowledge base to provide a contextualized summary of information.

“Our aim in integrating AI is to empower IT operations teams to concentrate on innovation and crucial tasks, rather than spending time working on repetitive tasks that can be automated,” says Ariel Gesto, CEO and founder of InvGate. “We’re excited to unveil the first of many AI features, designed to save time and effort for InvGate’s customers. Our goal, as always, is to build solutions that help IT teams enable every other team in the company. And AI can greatly help with that, giving time back to IT teams to focus on high-value projects.”

You can find out more on the InvGate site.

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