Monday, July 22, 2024

New Collaboration Creates Hydrogen Import Facility at Port of Rotterdam


Global Energy Storage (GES) and Provaris Energy have announced a partnership to develop a groundbreaking gaseous hydrogen import facility at the GES terminal in Rotterdam. This collaboration will see GES and Provaris working together on a prefeasibility study to showcase the technical and economic feasibility of berthing and unloading Provaris’ H2Neo compressed hydrogen carriers.

The joint efforts will also involve the promotion of the proposed facility, with Provaris handling the transportation of hydrogen using the H2Neo carriers, and GES overseeing the discharge and injection into the hydrogen grid. Positioned as a multi-client, multi-product terminal in Rotterdam, GES aims to import both refrigerated ammonia and compressed hydrogen, with deliveries to barges, rail, trucks, and the HyNetwork grid operated by Gasunie.

Both companies believe that the GES terminal in Rotterdam is strategically located for importing green hydrogen at a bulk scale, connecting early to the HyNetwork grid for industrial users in the Port of Rotterdam and key industrial players across Europe. Provaris’ compressed hydrogen supply chain is considered a pioneering and competitive alternative to chemical carriers from various regional sources, stretching from the Nordic region to the Baltics, North Sea, Iberia, and North Africa.

Martin Carolan, CEO of Provaris Energy, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the potential for the world’s first terminal for bulk-scale import of gaseous hydrogen to accelerate the availability of green molecules for industrial users. The partnership aims to complete prefeasibility studies in 2024, focusing on jetty facilities for H2Neo carrier discharge, compression, storage, grid connection, risk assessment, safety measures, emissions, permits, and environmental considerations.

Provaris has made significant progress with the H2Neo hydrogen carrier, with an approved FEED package design in December 2022 and ongoing construction and testing of a Prototype Tank in Norway. The completion of final construction approval from Class is targeted for mid-2024, marking an essential milestone in advancing the hydrogen import facility project.

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