Friday, July 19, 2024

‘New BMW Electric Vehicles to Feature Bi-Directional Charging’


BMW is revolutionizing the way we think about electric vehicles (EVs) with their bidirectional charging technology. Following the success of the Neue Klasse sedan, BMW has now introduced the Neue Klasse X, a peek into the future of electric cars with the upcoming iX3 electric crossover expected to hit the market in late 2025.

The key feature of the next generation of BMW’s electric cars under the Neue Klasse concept is bidirectional charging capabilities. This means that not only can these EVs be charged, but they can also act as a power source for other devices. BMW has classified this technology into three segments: vehicle to home, vehicle to grid, and vehicle to load.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse expressed excitement about the bidirectional charging feature, stating that it has been extensively tested. This technology allows BMW customers to utilize the electrical energy stored in their vehicle to power their homes, electrical devices, or even feed electricity back into the public power grid. Zipse highlights that this innovation not only reduces electricity costs for users but also aids in stabilizing power networks.

Vehicle to home charging enables EV owners to power their homes using their vehicles, especially beneficial for those with solar panels. By connecting their EV to their home with a BMW DC Wallbox Professional, owners can store energy generated during the day and use it to power their homes at night, ultimately lowering their overall power bill.

Furthermore, the vehicle to load technology allows EV owners to plug in electrical appliances into their vehicles for power, ideal for situations like camping or using power tools. On a larger scale, the vehicle to grid technology will permit BMW owners to feed excess electricity back into the local power grid, potentially benefiting the wider community.

BMW is collaborating with E.ON to implement its bidirectional charging system and has partnered with Ford and Honda in the U.S. to form ChargeScape, a joint venture aimed at facilitating vehicle to grid charging. This innovative approach not only transforms EVs into renewable energy storage units but also paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem.

By harnessing the power of bidirectional charging, BMW is at the forefront of driving the transition towards a greener and more interconnected energy future.

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