Monday, July 22, 2024

New affordable electric SUV with drone landing revealed: ‘Interstellar Chariot’


BYD recently unveiled its new Super 3 electric SUV concept under its Fang Cheng Bao brand, with a unique “interstellar chariot” design. The rugged electric vehicle comes with a drone landing pad and is expected to be priced at less than ,000 (200,000 yuan).

Last June, BYD introduced the Fang Chang Bao brand as its fifth sub-brand, specializing in personalized and professional-grade new energy vehicles (NEVs). The brand’s first vehicle, the Bao 5, was launched in November, followed by announcements of a range of vehicles from off-roaders to sports cars.

During its Spring Conference on April 16, BYD revealed three new models: the flagship Bao 8 SUV, a Super 9 convertible sports car, and the Super 3 rugged SUV concept. The Super 3 will be fully electric, with a chassis inspired by Star Wars and is expected to be named Bao 3 once in production.

The BYD Super 3 electric SUV is targeted towards younger buyers with its unique design and drone landing feature for a “car-to-sky” experience. The vehicle is set to make its debut at Auto China 2024 and is anticipated to have a starting price of around ,500 (200,000 yuan).

In addition to the Super 3, BYD also revealed the Bao 8 SUV, priced at approximately ,00 (500,000 yuan) and designed to compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Super 9 sports car combines speed and art with a space-cockpit interior design.

With the growing popularity of the Bao 5 model, BYD experienced a sales increase in March, selling 3,550 units compared to 2,310 in February. The automaker anticipates further growth with a diverse range of new models in various segments including low-cost, luxury, mid-size SUVs, pickups, and sports cars.

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