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The food banking industry stands as a beacon of hope, providing essential sustenance to those in need. In this sector, leaders play a pivotal role in steering organizations through tumultuous times and ensuring the effective delivery of aid to vulnerable communities. Their dedication and strategic vision are instrumental in addressing the pressing challenges facing society, particularly in times of crisis.

Mohsen Sarhan, an esteemed figure in the food banking sector, assumed leadership as the CEO of an esteemed organization just as the world grappled with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. His tenure marked a critical period of transition and adaptation, as he led the organization through the unprecedented challenges brought about by the global crisis. Sarhan’s leadership during this transformative journey showcased his resilience, agility, and unwavering commitment to serving those in need.

Under Sarhan’s guidance, the Egyptian Food Bank mobilized swiftly to provide immediate relief to affected individuals, demonstrating a remarkable level of alignment and cohesion within the team. This collective effort not only bolstered Sarhan’s credibility among his colleagues but also strengthened their trust and confidence in his leadership. As the organization navigated the complexities of the pandemic, Sarhan’s principles of effective leadership—speed, adaptability, and team care—served as guiding beacons, ensuring a steadfast commitment to the organization’s mission of alleviating hunger and food insecurity.

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Navigating Passion and Purpose

Mohsen Sarhan attributes his leadership journey to a series of opportunities presented through divine providence. Despite initially not aiming for a leadership role, Sarhan acknowledges the alignment of his personal and professional interests, ensuring that his pursuits always contributed to his genuine passions. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a focused approach, only engaging in endeavors that truly resonate with him, thus integrating his personal and professional endeavors seamlessly. Sarhan underscores that his guiding principle has always been his passion, prioritizing intrinsic motivation over mere pragmatic considerations in his decision-making process.

Embracing Mentorship and Continuous Growth

Throughout his career journey, Mohsen Sarhan reflects on the profound impact of his mentors in shaping his professional development. With gratitude, Sarhan acknowledges the invaluable guidance received from exceptional leaders since the outset of his career. He notes that approximately 90% of his mentors served as sources of inspiration, setting examples for him to emulate in his own leadership journey. Conversely, the remaining 10% provided valuable lessons on behaviors and practices to avoid in his future endeavors. Sarhan emphasizes his steadfast commitment to continuous learning, recognizing each day as an opportunity to glean insights from those around him. He remains open to absorbing both positive and negative experiences, viewing them as valuable lessons that contribute to his ongoing growth and development.

Honoring Trust and Integrity

In Mohsen Sarhan’s ethical framework, honesty reigns as a paramount value, unwavering and steadfast. He adheres strictly to truthfulness, eschewing any temptation to distort facts or manipulate information to suit specific circumstances. Moreover, Sarhan extends genuine familial regard to all individuals within his sphere of influence, recognizing the profound interconnectedness that binds them together. He acknowledges that each member of his team represents someone’s father, daughter, or sister—individuals whose families have entrusted him with their care and entrusted him to provide them with opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement.

In addition to his commitment to honesty and familial care, Sarhan remains acutely aware of the solemn responsibility entrusted to him with regard to zakat funds. He recognizes that these contributions come with implicit trust—a trust in his ability and integrity to allocate these resources where they are most needed and to do so with the utmost efficiency and transparency. Sarhan upholds this trust with utmost diligence, ensuring that zakat funds are directed to areas of greatest impact, fulfilling the donors’ intentions and benefiting those most in need.

Balancing Purpose and Partnership

Mohsen emphasizes the seamless integration of his personal and professional realms, emphasizing their inherent interconnectedness. He regards his work as a fundamental aspect of his purpose in life, deeply intertwined with his identity and existence. Sarhan considers himself fortunate to have his wife as a colleague within the food bank, which further reinforces their shared understanding of the nature of his work and its profound impact on both their personal and professional lives. This mutual comprehension facilitates a supportive and cohesive dynamic between them, enabling them to navigate the challenges and fulfill the responsibilities associated with their roles within the organization.

Navigating Challenges with Serenity

In his role in relief efforts, Mohsen Sarhan consistently confronts a myriad of challenges. He approaches these obstacles with a composed demeanor, recognizing the importance of maintaining a sense of calm amidst potential turmoil. Sarhan understands the detrimental impact of projecting worry or anxiety onto his team, which could result in chaos and impede effective decision-making. Instead, he draws solace from the knowledge that their work is aligned with a cause held dear by their creator and immensely valuable to the individuals they serve. This understanding instills in Sarhan a sense of reassurance that, ultimately, circumstances will find equilibrium. Regardless of the outcome, Sarhan remains steadfast in his commitment to giving his best effort, trusting in a higher power to guide the final outcomes.

Fostering Collaboration and Trust

Mohsen adopts a collaborative approach with his team, viewing them as a cohesive unit united by a common goal. Within this familial dynamic, he prioritizes open communication, freely expressing his thoughts and rationale behind decisions. Sarhan ensures transparency by articulating the reasoning behind directives, fostering a culture of understanding and shared purpose. Moreover, he remains receptive to input from team members, readily acknowledging superior ideas and being unhesitant to alter his decisions accordingly. Over time, this collaborative ethos cultivates a sense of mutual trust and cohesion, making concerted action towards shared objectives a natural and ingrained practice.

Embracing Knowledge in the Digital Age

Mohsen Sarhan is an avid reader, finding solace and enrichment in the pursuit of knowledge. Amidst his responsibilities, reading remains one of his few cherished pastimes. Additionally, he dedicates significant attention to scientific journals within his field, recognizing the invaluable insights they offer. Sarhan acknowledges the fortuitousness of living and working in an era characterized by unparalleled connectivity and accessibility to information. He marvels at the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on information synthesis, highlighting its profound implications for humanity. Reflecting on his own past, Sarhan recalls the days spent immersing himself in libraries for hours to gather information—a stark contrast to the ease of access afforded by modern technology.

Navigating Crisis

Mohsen assumed the role just a month before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, succeeding the organization’s founding CEO who had recruited and trained all current staff members. Leading the organization through the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic became a transformative experience for Sarhan. Mobilizing the team to provide immediate relief to those affected by the crisis proved to be a defining moment in his tenure. This collaborative effort not only strengthened Sarhan’s credibility among the EFB team but also fostered trust and confidence in their abilities to work together effectively. In the span of just a few weeks of intensive collaboration, the team achieved a level of alignment and cohesion that would typically take months to develop.

Pandemic Leadership Transition

Mohsen Sarhan assumed the position of CEO at the Egyptian Food Bank a month prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the second CEO in the organization’s 15-year history. He succeeded the founding CEO, who had recruited and trained all existing staff members.

The collective mobilization of the team to confront the challenges posed by the pandemic and provide immediate assistance to affected individuals has been a transformative experience for Sarhan. This concerted effort not only enhanced Sarhan’s credibility among the EFB staff but also bolstered their confidence in his leadership. In a matter of weeks of intensive collaboration, the team achieved a level of alignment and cohesion that would typically take months to cultivate.

Principles of Effective Leadership

Mohsen Sarhan emphasizes three key principles in his approach to leadership:

Speed: Sarhan prioritizes agility and swift decision-making in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. He understands the importance of adapting quickly to changing circumstances to stay ahead in a dynamic environment.

Adaptability: Sarhan advocates for the willingness to let go of preconceived notions and embrace new perspectives and realities. He recognizes the fluidity of situations and the necessity of being open-minded to effectively address evolving circumstances.

Team Care: Sarhan believes in the significance of nurturing and supporting the people he works with. He understands that the collective success of an organization hinges on the dedication and well-being of its team members. Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of taking good care of them and fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment.

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