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Microsoft fixes accidental import of Chrome Tabs in Edge


Microsoft has fixed a puzzling issue in the latest version of its Edge web browser. Some users reported that Microsoft Edge was importing open tabs from Google Chrome automatically on their devices about two weeks ago.

While Microsoft Edge does have a preference to do so, the users claimed that the preference was set to off on their devices.

Still, Edge imported open tabs from Google Chrome and there was nothing affected users could do about it at the time. The issue got some publicity as The Verge’s Tom Warren experienced it first hand and decided to write about it.

Microsoft did not respond to the claims at the time.

Microsoft Edge update fixes the issue

Microsoft released version 121.0.2277.128 to the Edge Stable channel this week. The update is light on features. In fact, it only introduces two changes to policies and a single fix.

This fix addresses the automatic import of open tabs from Google Chrome in Microsoft Edge. It was a bug in the syncing process according to Microsoft that caused the state of the import feature to be used incorrectly on devices.

Microsoft writes:

Edge has a feature that provides an option to import browser data on each launch from other browsers with user consent. This feature’s state might not have been syncing and displaying correctly across multiple devices. This is fixed.

Affected users may want to update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge immediately to prevent future imports. This is done by selecting Menu > Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge, or by loading edge://settings/help directly in the browser’s address bar.

Edge checks for updates and will download and install any that it finds. A restart of the browser is required to complete the process.

Managing browser imports in Microsoft Edge

Edge import browsing data

Edge users who want to check or configure the browser import settings may do so in the following way.

  1. Load edge://settings/profiles/importBrowsingData directly in the browser’s address bar. Or, go to Menu > Settings > Import browser data.
  2. Select Edit preferences next to “Import browsing data at each browser launch” next to Import data from Google Chrome.
  3. Check if you see “Turn On” on the page that opens. This means the feature is off.

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