Wednesday, June 19, 2024

mCrate Electric Propulsion System Launched for Boat Builders


Ingenity Electric, a Correct Craft brand based in Florida, has unveiled its mCrate electric propulsion system, tailored for boats under 35 feet in size.

The GEN 3 design represents a step forward from the company’s previous Nautique GS22E and Ingenity EL Dayboat projects.

Featuring a power range of 100 to 400 kW and battery capacities between 63 to 189 kWh, the system accommodates single or twin configurations, with stern drive, Vdrive or straight shaft final drives. Fast charging is possible within an hour both on and off the water, offering convenient options for customers.

Todd Sims, Director of Business Development, emphasized the accessibility of the mCrate product to boat builders, providing an easy solution for electrifying their models without the complexities of developing a system from scratch. While designed as a standardized product, the engineering team can adjust specific parameters to enhance performance for individual installations and applications.

With Ingenity’s mCrate electric propulsion system, boat builders now have a practical and efficient solution to integrate electric power into their vessels with ease.

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