Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Logitech launches Signature Slim K950 and Combo


In the era of remote work, the boundaries between professional and personal lives have become increasingly blurred. Recognizing the need for tools that cater to this new reality, Logitech has launched the Signature Slim K950 Wireless Keyboard and the Signature Slim Combo, designed to help users effortlessly transition between work and leisure.

The Signature Slim Combo is particularly aimed at modern multitaskers who find themselves switching between work laptops and home desktops. It features the Signature Slim K950 keyboard, which boasts quiet typing, and the Signature Plus Mouse M750, known for its silent clicks and fast, precise scrolling. This combo ensures productivity and focus, regardless of the operating system in use.

Aesthetically pleasing, the Signature Slim K950 keyboard is a complement to Logitech’s Signature mouse line, blending seamlessly with home decor. Beyond its looks, the keyboard offers advanced features over typical entry-level options. Users can customize their experience with Logitech’s Logi Options+ app, optimizing daily tasks and desk time. Customizable shortcuts and Smart Actions enable users to start or end their day with just one touch.

Sustainability is a key focus in the design of the Signature Slim K950 and its combos. The plastic components include certified post-consumer recycled plastic, giving a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics. The percentages of recycled plastic vary across the different models and color options, with the Graphite and Off-White variants of the Signature Slim K950 containing 62% and 48% recycled plastic, respectively.

Available in Graphite and Off-White, the Signature Slim K950 and the Signature Slim Combo are priced at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. Both can be purchased immediately using the above links.

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