Friday, July 19, 2024

LIAN LI debuts EDGE series PSU with new form factor for dual chamber cases


LIAN LI has introduced the EDGE series, a new line of power supplies specifically designed for vertical installation in dual-chamber PC cases. This series introduces a “T-shaped” form factor that optimizes space and improves cable management in modern PC builds.

The EDGE series features an outward-facing modular strip that simplifies wiring and keeps setups clean and organized. It also includes a built-in 4-port USB expansion hub, which reduces the need for additional cables by allowing RGB devices, fans, and controllers to connect directly without extra motherboard connections.

In terms of components, the EDGE series uses industrial-grade EPCOS capacitors and Japanese capacitors, known for their ability to withstand high temperatures and vibrations, which enhance the power supply’s durability and longevity. It includes safety features such as over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), over-power protection (OPP), short-circuit protection (SCP), and under-voltage protection (UVP).

The power supplies are certified with 80Plus Platinum, Cybenetics Platinum, and PPLP Platinum, indicating high efficiency in energy use. These certifications suggest that the power supplies are capable of reducing electricity costs and heat output, supporting more sustainable energy consumption.

The EDGE series also highlights custom-designed cables, including dual-colored 12VHPWR connectors and SATA power cables, all of which are braided and sleeved. These cables are not only reliable for power delivery but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the power supply setup.

The EDGE series is now available from Amazon here in 1300W, 1000W, and 850W options, with pricing starting at $149.99 for the 850W model in black. Both black and white color options are offered, catering to different user preferences.

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