Wednesday, May 22, 2024

KDE Plasma 6: Revolutionizing Linux desktop with far prettier and superior interface than Microsoft Windows 11


The KDE community has announced the release of its latest “MegaRelease 6,” which includes Plasma 6, Frameworks 6, and Gear 24.02. This update brings a host of new features, improvements, and enhancements to the KDE ecosystem. With its sleek and modern design, Plasma 6 not only surpasses the user interface of Microsoft Windows 11 but also elevates the overall computing experience.

The Plasma 6 desktop environment has undergone significant upgrades with a transition to the latest version of the Qt application framework and a migration to the Wayland graphics platform. These changes aim to improve security, efficiency, and performance while ensuring a smooth and familiar user experience. Plasma 6 also introduces a new Overview Effect, combining the Overview and Desktop Grid effects, and adds partial support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Wayland. Users can now enjoy richer colors, individual ICC profile settings, and color blindness correction filters.

The release boasts a new mesmerizing wallpaper ‘Scarlet Tree’ by axo1otl, a floating panel by default, and changes in default settings to enhance usability. The Breeze theme has been refreshed for a more modern look, and the Settings app has been reorganized for better user-friendliness. The famous cube effect is back in KWin, and Plasma Search has been optimized for faster performance and additional functionality.

Plasma Mobile has seen several improvements, including an updated default home screen, a new welcome screen for initial setup, and enhancements in configuring WiFi, timezone, and mobile connection settings.

KDE Gear 24.02 brings updates to many applications, including the Kontact suite, which now offers better security and privacy features, and Kdenlive, which introduces new editing capabilities and subtitle features. Dolphin, Spectacle, NeoChat, and PlasmaTube have all received significant updates, enhancing their functionality and user experience.

Kate, the powerful text editor/IDE, now uses RapidJSON for faster LSP completions, and Konsole, along with Yakuake, has been redesigned and optimized for better performance. KDE Connect now supports Bluetooth connections, and Kasts, the podcast player, has improved feed update efficiency.

In conjunction with this release, KDE neon User edition has been updated to include KDE Frameworks 6, Plasma 6, and all the applications from KDE Gear 24.02. Users can upgrade through Discover or download the latest installable ISO build here. For those looking to test the waters, KDE also offers Docker images.

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