Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Investment made in Lundberg Tech’s personalized waste handling system


Paulig, an international food and beverage company based in Belgium, has recently made an investment in a new, fully customized central waste handling system from Lundberg Tech. This decision was made in order to increase production capacity, save materials, and reduce gas and energy consumption.

The Paulig bakery in Belgium operates 24/7, with a strong focus on waste handling to enhance production performance and minimize downtimes. In collaboration with Lundberg Tech, Paulig implemented two central vacuum waste handling systems in 2016 and 2017 to capture edge trim from multivac thermoforming packaging machines in two flow packaging tortilla factories.

The waste is efficiently directed into a dual bag collection unit equipped with sensors and automated switch over at full waste bags. Looking towards the future, Paulig has planned the construction of a more modern factory to be completed in 2022, with an extension scheduled for 2023. This expansion will involve further automation of the waste handling system.

Bruno Noppe, operations director at Paulig, highlighted the importance of designing the new Lundberg Tech Central System with a larger ventilator and separator system to accommodate future extensions. The professional guidance and cooperation from Lundberg Tech were instrumental in the successful implementation of the central waste handling system.

Noppe emphasized the benefits of the central waste handling system, stating that it has led to reduced stoppage time, savings in raw materials, gas, and energy consumption, as well as increased productivity. Rick Vandenbroucke, technical engineering manager at Paulig, underscored the necessity of the Lundberg Tech central trim extraction system for the high-output thermoforming multivac packaging lines in their production.

Overall, the partnership between Paulig and Lundberg Tech has resulted in a more efficient waste handling system that contributes to improved production processes and sustainability goals.

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