Friday, July 19, 2024

‘Investing in the Future of CPAs’


Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Hannis T. Bourgeois continues to be a trusted name in accounting in Louisiana. The firm is focusing on the future by investing in young professionals who are the next generation of certified public accountants. With over 150 employees spread across five locations in the state, including new offices in Hammond and Alexandria, HTB offers accounting and business advising services.

HTB has always prioritized creating a positive work environment and providing development opportunities for its employees, which has proven successful. Recently, the firm was ranked No. 6 on Accounting Today’s list of Best Firms for Young Accountants.

Managing Partner Jay Montalbano emphasizes the importance of a happy and engaged staff in delivering excellent client service. The firm offers flexible schedules and wellness programs to promote work-life balance. A program called Thrive pairs new employees with seasoned professionals to help them set goals and receive feedback tailored to their interests and skills.

“We really strive to personalize the experience for our employees,” says Firm Operations Manager Claire Harrell. “By providing training and support, we aim to help them find their best fit within the company.”

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