Sunday, June 23, 2024

“Intel-Powered COM Express Modules Revealed for Robotics and Edge AI Markets”


AAEON, a prominent supplier of Computer-on-Modules, has unveiled two new COM Express Type 6 Compact Size solutions, the COM-RAPC6 and COM-ADNC6. These modules are targeting the advanced robotics and edge gateway markets, offering customers a range of high-performance and efficient options.

The COM-RAPC6 is compatible with various embedded CPUs from the 13th Generation Intel Core Processor line on a compact 95 mm x 95 mm form factor. Customers can choose from a selection of SKUs, ranging from the 15 W Intel Processor U300E to 13th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors running at 45 W. This provides users with up to 14 (6P/8E) cores, 20 threads of processing power, and technologies for deep learning inference workloads and I/O device virtualization.

On the other hand, the COM-ADNC6 focuses on efficiency, offering embedded CPUs from the Intel Atom X Series, Intel Processor N-series, and Intel Core i3-N305, along with 16 GB of SODIMM-based LPDDR5 system memory. Positioned as the natural successor to the COM-BT, the COM-ADNC6 provides comparable power consumption to Intel Atom Processor E and Intel Celeron Processor J Series CPUs but with enhanced performance.

Equipped with high processing capacity, the COM-RAPC6 can host up to six PCIe modules, allowing for advanced graphics card installation and multi-LAN expansion. The module supports up to 64 GB of SODIMM-based DDR5 memory, providing flexible and high-bandwidth system memory.

Both the COM-RAPC6 and COM-ADNC6 offer PCIe expansion options, making them suitable for industrial control solutions like programmable logic controller applications. The modules also come with onboard communication protocols and features conducive to industrial environments, including wide-temperature operation and support for various interfaces.

The COM-RAPC6 and COM-ADNC6 are competitively priced, with the COM-ADNC6 ranging from US6 to US0 and the COM-RAPC6 ranging from US4.00 to US,208.00, depending on the SKU. For more information, visit the product pages of the COM-RAPC6 and COM-ADNC6.

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